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7 min readDec 27, 2022

Show Overview

Relentless Health Value is a weekly podcast hosted by Stacey Richter for healthcare decision makers and change agents — people who are passionate about improving healthcare in this country. It is a frequent refrain that Relentless Health Value “influences the influencers.” In fact, our host, Stacey Richter, won the “Healthcare Influencer of the Year” award from the Validation Institute in June, 2023.

Our mission is to help healthcare decision makers make better decisions; decisions that truly put the patient first. Too often, we in the healthcare industry find ourselves silo’ed. We often only speak with others in our same stakeholder vertical or those attempting to get something out of us who may skew our perspective more than broaden it. This leads to well-intentioned decision-making that ultimately fails because it does not take into account the larger context, ecosystem, and all the perverse and unintuitive incentives therein.

Listeners tune in to Relentless Health Value to learn more than is possible in their day-to-day. They wish to learn about new tools and ideas to improve the quality, equity and value of healthcare in this country. They tune in to understand downstream consequences of decisions that seem very logical, but ultimately do harm.

Listeners receive an educational perspective from our host as well as incredible guests from all over the country. They gain insights and understanding that help them frame their own persuasive arguments drive change throughout their own organizations or spheres of influence.

It is important to note that the audience who tunes in to Relentless Health Value are wonderfully loyal, smart, action-oriented, and trust us to share accurate information free from marketing spin. We are seen as being transparent and honest, and we are very proud to maintain this reputation. One reviewer wrote that he listens each week because Relentless Health Value presents a “scrupulously fair” accounting of the issues.

“Scrupulously Fair”

Relentless Health Value podcasts frequently focus on helping:

  • more clinicians and others recognize the value of integrated, coordinated care and what can be accomplished via collaboration — including the perils of patients falling into caregaps from both an equity and outcomes perspectives.
  • more decision-makers appreciate the dynamics in the specialty pharmacy market and are strategically better prepared to improve patient/member experience and reduce financial exposure
  • more appreciation for transformative primary care, or really just excellent primary care in general
  • more decision-makers who work at traditional payers, PBMs, pharma and hospitals understand the impact of decisions they are making in ways that may help them help their organizations do better by members or patients
  • more self-insured employers to see the vital importance of managing their healthcare benefits at the c-suite level and gaining insight into how to do so

What Listeners Think about Relentless Health Value

Relentless Health Value Podcast listeners write reviews that call out how much insight they glean from Relentless Health Value. Reviews and personal notes also frequently mention the networking opportunities for senior healthcare executives, investors and professionals to collaborate, be inspired and make their mark on health care.

See more reviews here: For example, this one!

Listenership Overview — by the numbers

  • Relentless Health Value ( is the largest weekly non-clinical podcast reaching an audience of healthcare decision-makers at high levels of seniority. According to Apple, our show has reached >9k listeners.
  • Unless it’s a keynote at one of the top yearly conferences, our weekly listenership includes at least 4x more senior healthcare decision makers than the vast majority of symposiums, meetings or conferences.
  • We get over double the listens per episode of some of the other podcast shows considered big in this space. We produce 4 shows a month and get ~20,000 listens a month. Our average listen length as per iTunes is >70% and our average show length is 34 minutes.
  • (We use IAB tracking which is the gold standard for podcast listenership analytics. IAB tracking filters out noise, people who only listen to a few minutes, and duplicate listens. Shows that *don’t* use IAB tracking will often report listenership numbers 2–3x (or more) higher. For a head-to-head comparison of podcasts, check Listen Notes and compare the global ranking.)
Relentless Health Value is usually in the Top 50 in the Medicine category in iTunes.

We are usually in the top 50 shows on iTunes in the entire Medicine category and the top show reaching our narrow niche audience of predominantly of healthcare decision-makers, buyers and influencers.

We are in the top 1% of all podcasts in the world, although 99.42% of our traffic originates in the USA.

Every day of the year, our show gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of downloads by organizational decision-makers and influencers.

Listener Analytics — By their decision-making authority

  • Our listeners include influencers and decision-makers working for payer, provider, pharmacy, pharma and health tech organizations. We also reach venture capitalists, investors plus a growing number of employer CFOs and benefits professionals, including benefits professionals making decisions for state and city health plans.
  • Titles of our most loyal listeners include CEOs of ACOs, health systems and employer coalitions. We also have many Chief Medical Officers, Directors of Medicine, and Directors of Nursing, Care Navigation and Population Health who tune in regularly.
  • We frequently get messages like this one from an executive with influence over literally millions of patient lives:
  • Stacey Richter won the “Influencer of the Year” award from the Validation Institute in June, 2023.
  • Stacey Richter has >6000 followers on LinkedIn and Relentless Health Value has >2000 Followers on both LinkedIn and >1200 followers on X (formerly known as Twitter.)
  • As a typical impression/engagement example:

Approximately 25% of our listeners subscribe to our weekly newsletter, which has a 38% open rate.

And our Relentless listeners are certainly activated and engaged, for better for worse (grin):

Text from a recent guest

Industry Acclaim

Relentless Health Value has topped more than one list of essential podcasts for Healthcare industry decision-makers to listen to. In 2022, Relentless Health Value was #1 on the Advisory Board Top 10 Podcast list. If you haven’t heard of them, the Advisory Board is a top consultancy for healthcare executives.

If you want to check out what others are saying about Relentless Health Value, check out the comments on this LinkedIn post:

The Caliber of Guests who have chosen to come on Relentless Health Value

Previous guests have included Mark Cuban, Dr. Robert Pearl, Barbara Wachsman, Rob Andrews, Gloria Sachdev, Dan Mendelson, Mark Miller amongst over 350 other senior leaders, experts and thought-leaders. This also includes guests from Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Dana-Faber, Mt. Sinai, NY Presbyterian, Brigham, Humana, BCBS, Jumbo Employers and their EBCs, etc.

Those chosen as guests are among prestigious company: >95% of our guests either are Founders, C-Suite Executives or otherwise at the highest level in their organization.

Our archive of episodes is here:

Additional info on how we select guests is here, although this is written for the literally hundreds who pitch us monthly and not those we invite:

Sponsorship Opportunities and Pricing



stacey richter

Stacey is host of the Relentless Health Value podcast and co-president of Aventria Health Group.